Witchcraft - a guide to the misunderstood and the maligned

Witchcraft Terms and Tools

Witchcraft, Neopaganism and Wicca typically employ a variety of tools and accoutrements in their practices and rituals. Often, these are common tools or items used in a rather more specific, symbolic or magical way.

Similarly, there are many commonly-used words which have particular significance in the practice of withcraft, either historically or currently, many of which have become corrupted or stereotyped over time. This section aims to clarify some of these:

Altar | Amulet/Charm/Talisman | Animals | Athame | Bell | Besom Broom | Black Magic | Boline | Book of Shadows | Candles | Cauldron | Chalice | Cingulum/Cord | Coven | Craft Name | Crystals | Curse | Esbat | Familiar | Grimoire | Incense | Magic | Pentacle | Potion | Ritual Circle | Sabbat | Sex Magic | Spell | Symbols | Wand | Warlock | Witch Ball | Witch Bottle | Witch’s Ladder

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