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What I can do for you

1. General Approach

  • My overall concern is that a web-site be clear, uncluttered and readable.
  • The most important points and navigational menu should appear in the first screen which viewers see (i.e. without scrolling) - it may be the only chance you get to attract their attention. Neither should text stray off the edge of the screen, requiring horizontal scrolling.
  • Each page should have clear links to the other pages, so that viewers do not become "stranded".
  • The overall image of the site should be consistent across all pages as regards background, logos, navigation, typefaces, etc. It should also be appropriate to the organization in question, and if possible reflect the image of its logo, stationery, etc.
  • No page should be so long, or contain so many graphics or scripts that it takes an unreasonable time to load. On the other hand, viewers should not have to follow links unnecessarily to further pages.
  • Flashing, scrolling or multi-coloured text, or animated graphics, are usually more of an annoyance than a help, but they can be used if required.
  • All pages should render well in the more recent versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari (which between them account for about 98% of the browsers currently in use), and should also "degrade" well even in older version browsers. Different browsers can render and align slightly differently, and may not support certain elements of HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, etc, so it is important to test pages on all the main browsers.
  • Similarly, the pages should render well on computers using the most popular screen resolutions used (1024 x 768 and above), but still work well in the now much less common 800 x 600.
  • I do not use standard layouts or templates - every page is created from scratch.
  • In general, I try to use the simplest method needed to achieve the desired effect.

2. Specific Services Offered

  • Overall design and layout, colour schemes, typefaces, etc, appropriate to the organization.
  • Basic HTML programming, including the organization of text and graphics using tables and/or frames where appropriate.
  • Custom design of graphics for navigation, headings, logos, etc, as required. Also image maps or simple animated graphics or simple Flash animations if required.
  • Scanning of photos, graphics or text (including OCR, if necessary) if not available in computer-readable format.
  • Use of DHTML, JavaScript and/or Stylesheets to enhance the site's appearance, insofar as the common browsers support them.
  • Inclusion of forms where needed (e.g. for e-mail responses, orders, price quotes, etc).
  • Insertion of sound or video files as required.
  • Inclusion of hidden META tags used by search engines in their automatic searches.
  • CGI programming such as internal search facility, message boards, surveys, etc, if required (although some more complex applications may be beyond my experience).
  • Configuration of secure server for sensitive information, such as contact, orders, etc (although, again, some more complex e-commerce applications may be beyond my experience).
  • Translations English-Spanish-English and English-French-English if needed, although these should also be checked by a reliable third party.
  • Research of the web-sites of competitors or similar organizations for ideas or content which may be used or adapted.
  • Help with obtaining a suitable host, the registration of an appropriate name/address for the site, and uploading of pages to the host server using an FTP client. See the section on Hosting Options for more details.
  • Promotion of the web-site with the major free search engines, and/or other industry-specific or location-specific sites.
  • If required, editing, updating and maintenance of the site, either on an on-going or one-off basis.

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