Music in Perspective


These are the landmarks of Science which I have chosen to use in the comparisons with the works of the major composers.

1665: Newton: Laws of Gravity and Motion
1683: Leeuwenhoek: Bacteria
1714: Farenheit: Mercury Thermometer
1735: Linnaeus: Classification of Plants and Animals
1765: Watt: Steam Engine
1783: Montgolfier: Hot Air Balloon
1796: Jenner: Vaccination
1822: Faraday: Electric Motor
1839: Daguerre: Early Photography
1859: Darwin: Origin of Species
1876: Bell: Telephone
1895: Marconi: Radio
1905: Einstein: Theory of Relativity
1919: Rutherford: Splits the Atom
1930: Carrother/Du Pont: Nylon
1953: Crick & Watson: Helical DNA
1969: Armstrong: Walks on Moon

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