Music in Perspective

World Politics

These are the landmarks of World Politics which I have chosen to use in the comparisons with the works of the major composers.

1651: Cromwell wins English Civil War
1670: End of Hanseatic League in N Europe
1682: Peter the Great Tsar of Russia
1700: France wins War of Spanish Succession
1715: Death of Louis XIV of France
1740: Frederick the Great rules Prussia
1762: Catherine the Great in Russia
1776: American Declaration of Independence
1789: French Revolution
1804: Napoleon becomes Emperor
1815: Battle of Waterloo (Napoleon defeated)
1837: Victoria Queen of England
1848: Marx & Engels' Communist Manifesto
1861: American Civil War
1871: Prussian expansion under Bismark
1903: Bolshevik Party established in Russia
1914: First World War
1929: Wall Street Crash
1939: Second World War
1949: Mao declares Chinese Republic
1961: Berlin Wall built
1975: End of Vietnam War
1991: Soviet Union disbanded

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