Music in Perspective

Foreign Literature

These are the landmarks of Foreign Literature which I have chosen to use in the comparisons with the works of the major composers.

1664: Moliere: La Tartuffe
1677: Racine: Phedre
1707: Lesage: Le Diable Boiteux
1731: Prevost: Manon Lescaut
1759: Voltaire: Candide
1782: Laclos: Les Liaisons Dangereuses
1808: Goethe: Faust
1830: Stendhal:Le Rouge et Noir
1842: Gogol: Dead Souls
1856: Flaubert: Madame Bovary
1865: Dostoyevsky: Crime and Punishment
1877: Tolstoy: Anne Karenina
1885: Zola: Germinal
1902: Gide: L'Immoraliste
1911: Mann: Death in Venice
1943: Hesse: The Glass Bead Game
1956: Camus: The Fall
1967: Marquez: 100 Years of Solitude
1984: Kundera: Unbearable Lightness of Being

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