Music in Perspective

Art History

These are the landmarks of Art History which I have chosen to use in the comparisons with the works of the major composers.

1650: Velaquez: Rokeby Venus
1665: Rembrandt: Portrait of the Artist
1678: Murillo: Immaculate Conception
1714: Watteau: The Marriage Contract
1732: Hogarth: The Orgy
1752: Boucher: Reclining Girl
1770: Gainsborough: Blue Boy
1794: Blake: Ancient of Days
1814: Goya: Third of May
1821: Constable: The Hay-Wain
1842: Turner: Steamer in a Snow Storm
1857: Millet: The Gleaners
1872: Monet: Impressions - Sunrise
1890: Van Gogh: Irises
1907: Braque: Mandolin
1925: Picasso: Three Dancers
1936: Dali: Premonition of Civil War
1952: Pollock: Yellow Islands
1963: Lichtenstein: Whaam!
1971: Hockney: Mr and Mrs Clarke

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