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Meet Luke

Hi! Pleased to meet you!Pleased to meet you!

My name is Luke Mastin, and I am English by birth and Canadian by choice. I am new well on the wrong side of the big 5-0, but am still young at heart. I was trained as an accountant in what feels like a previous life in England and, having qualified, I quickly fled the rat race and started working for myself with small charities and cooperatives in London, England. Luckily my wife, Julie, had a good job in a bank so that we could make ends meet, because the voluntary and cooperative sector does not pay well...

We moved to Toronto for three or four wonderful years back in the early nineies, again courtesy of Julie's employer, Royal Bank of Canada. I travelled a lot and generally had a great time. Then after another short spell back in England, we moved with the bank to Caracas, Venezuela for a few years, followed by a couple of years in Bogotá, Colombia. This is the period covered by Luke's South American Diary, and is where our daughter Elena Rose was born in 1995. It is also where I first started to get interested in the Internet and in Web-weaving.

Because I was a proverbial "man of leisure" I had plenty of time to teach myself the basics of HTML, and then to gradually fill out my Web education with more obscure techniques. I am therefore completely self-taught, but in the best possible sense... In the same way, I learned all my Spanish "on the street", and I am convinced that it is the best way to learn.

After this experience of a lifetime, we moved back to Canada in 1999, and what with having a small child to look after, and being almost completely unemployable in the normal sense after my years of travel and freedom, I decided to start to charge (in a small way) for what I had been supplying free to various organizations for a couple of years - my Web-spertise.

What you are reading now was actually my very first website, dating from back in 1998, and I intend to keep it unchanged for sentimental reasons!

Among my own personal (for fun) projects are:

So, pleased to meet you! I hope we can do business!

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