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Joseph Mastin of Sheffield

(Born at Marchamley, Shropshire in 1838. Died at Sheffield on 27 August 1904)

Joseph Mastin of Sheffield
Joseph Mastin of Sheffield
Jane Mastin, née Wragg, Joseph's wife
Jane Mastin, née Wragg, Joseph's wife
Joseph was born at Marchamley to father, John Mastin of Hodnet, and mother, Anne Brayne. I do not know what his education was or what schools he attended. We must assume that he served an apprenticeship as on all later official forms he is described as a bricklayer. Where he served this apprenticeship, with Lord Hill or elsewhere, I do not know.

His eldest brother John had left home and moved to Sheffield. Again we do not know why or what he was doing. We suspect he came to relations, as we know there were other Mastin’s of the Laneham family living in Sheffield at that time. At about the age of 21, Joseph decided to seek his own fortune in Sheffield and set off to join his brother.


Painting of Joseph Mastin of Sheffield
Painting of Joseph Mastin of Sheffield
The family story is that he walked the 80 or so miles from Marchamley to Sheffield. I am not so sure he walked directly (or walked at all) to Sheffield. As a journeyman bricklayer, he may have worked his way across country. This was quite a common method of gaining experience in the late 1800’s. By some means, he arrived in Sheffield and this must have been quite a culture shock to him having been brought up in the country.

The first record I have of him in Sheffield is when he married Jane Wragg on Christmas Day 1861, when his address is given as Eggerton Street and his occupation as bricklayer. So far I have been unable to find either Joseph or Jane on the 1861 census. The next definite record of him is on the 1871 census when he is living at 28 Broomspring Lane when his age is given as 33 and his occupation journeyman bricklayer. He is living with Jane and now has 5 children. Next is the address of 197 Fitzwilliam Street on Frank Ernest’s birth certificate and this is repeated on the 1881 census when his occupation is given as builder employing 35 men. By the 1891 census he is living at 15 Cavendish Street. When he made his will in 1900 he lived at 256 Fulwood Road where he remained until his death on the 20th August 1904. (Note: On the 1881 census his name is misspelled as Martin).

Of Interest
Obituary of Mr Joseph Mastin
"After a painful illness, the death took place on Saturday at his residence, 256 Fulwood Road, Sheffield, of Mr Joseph Mastin, head of a well-known Sheffield firm of builders and contractors, 15 Cavendish Street. The deceased, who was 66 years of age, was a native of Shropshire and came to Sheffield about 45 years ago, starting business on his own account about ten years later.
"For the last 22 years his place of business was Cavendish Street, and during that time he erected many large buildings in the city, among them the Sheffield and Hallamshire Bank premises in the Wicker, those of Messrs John Thompson, drapers, and Messrs Roberts Brothers, drapers, The Moor, besides a great many private dwelling houses. He also carried out work connected with the creation of the Sheffield Wednesday football ground at Owlerton a few years ago.
"The late Mr Mastin was one of the original shareholders of the Sheffield Wednesday Club, and at the time of his death he was a director. It was perhaps as a member of this Club that he was best known.
"Of a reserved temperament and unassuming disposition, he took no public part in the affairs of the city. He was a Churchman, and in politics a Conservative, though he never threw himself into the activities of Party warfare.
Yet while he did not figure prominently in public life, he was a well-known and highly respected man and he will be sorely missed by a large circle of friends. It was characteristic of his personality that though a staunch member and supporter of the Sheffield Master Builders' Association he always declined office. He leaves a son Arthur to carry on the business.
"The funeral will take place at Fulwood at three o'clock on Tuesday."
(From The Sheffield Telegraph, 29th August 1904)

They did however have eight children, four boys and four girls. Mary E. born1863, Charles W. born 1865, Joseph in 1866, Arthur 1868 (John Mastin of Matlock’s grandfather), Edith Annie 1872, Eliza 1873, Alice 1878, and Frank Ernest 1880, (grandfather of J.B., Lawrence (Luke) Mastin and Patrick Mastin).

His wife Jane died in the 1st quarter of 1895. I have so far been unable to trace her exact date or where she is buried.

At sometime before 1900 (date unknown) he married a Matilda Sparrow. So far I have not found the date of their wedding or anything at all about Matilda.

We know that from 1845 to 1872 there was a Joseph Mastin with a building business in Sheffield. He was born at Fenton so must be John of Hodnet’s brother, born 1812. I do not know if Joseph worked for him but he did NOT leave the business to him, as evidenced by his will of 1872.

However Joseph built up a large building and contracting business, and also supplied furnaces to the steel industry. How he came to be based at 15 Cavendish Street is still to be established. It was a very good business and they built several large buildings in Sheffield. Later he became one of the first directors of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and built the stand at the Olive Grove Ground before the club and stand were moved to what was then known as Owlerton, now Hillsborough. He also owned a lot of property in Sheffield (as evidenced by his will) but no details are given as to what or where these properties were. Some he may have built; all that is certain is that a lot of them where on leasehold land.

Joseph died in 1904, aged 66, three years after the death of Queen Victoria. J.B. has a notice of his death and invitation to the funeral, which were sent out in that time. He is buried at Fulwood Church along with two of his daughters and son-in-law. The grave has quite an impressive stone some eight feet high. His name is on one side and the daughters Alice and Annie and husbands are remembered.

Of Interest

Atkinson Building, originally the Roberts Brothers Building, built by Joseph Mastin of Sheffield
This picture of the Atkinson Building, originally the Roberts Brothers Building, built by Joseph Mastin of Sheffield, was taken from "Sheffield at the Front", a pictorial souvenir of local men serving in South Africa. There is a handwritten date saying "1899", done by Lillian Mastin.

Notes (J.M.):
- I have had a look at No. 256 Fulwood Road. It is a large Victorian semi-detached house, not particularly imposing, situated nearly at Broomhill.
- I have also looked for the Sheffeld and Hallamshire Bank in the Wicker, and found two buildings which might have been the Bank. They are both immediately before the Arches opposite each other. One has the word "BANK" carved above the doorway. It is quite an ornate building constructed of brick and stone and dated 1894 which could fit. It is presently used as a carpet shop. The other building opposite is a larger brick building, not so attractive. The only clue is that it has a small shield carved in the façade, which has the initials S.H. - Sheffield and Hallamshire possibly?
- The Roberts Brothers building on the Moor is still in use as the building of John Atkinson at 76/80/82/86/88/90 The Moor, Sheffield. These buildings have survived despite The Blitz in the 1940's and the requirements of health and safety of the 21st Century.

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