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John Mastin of Matlock (C.Eng. M.I.C.E. Chartered Engineer)

(Born 1940.)


John Mastin of Matlock, and Family
John Mastin of Matlock, and Family (left to right): Thomas (his youngest son), Alex (Thomas' wife), Jennifer (John's wife), John Mastin, Caroline (his daughter), Phil (Caroline's husband), Niki (Richard's wife), Richard (his eldest son, with his daughter, John's grand-daughter, Molly)
I was born at Fulwood in 1940 in the middle of World War 2. Sheffield suffered badly in the Blitz and although I cannot remember the bombing but I can remember the sirens, searchlights, barrage balloons and gas masks. I can just remember being got up in the middle of the night due to an air raid warning. Our house, No. 90 Brooklands Crescent had a cellar beneath, which we called the dugout. It had been specially strengthened and had felt round the door which could be wetted to prevent gas entering in the event of bombing.

The war ended in 1945 finally by the dropping of an atomic bomb on Japan. In effect I have survived a nuclear war! I went to Fulwood Church School for a short while and then to Birkdale Preparatory School until I was 13. It was intended that I should then be sent to a Public School, a thought that horrified me at the time. However, unfortunate events overtook the situation. My father became aware of his health problems and I understand that it was considered that it would be more sensible for me to be State educated.

Having failed the 11 Plus, I took the 13 Plus, and went to the Sheffield Central Technical School right in the middle of the city. All in all, I enjoyed this school. My education up to that time was in advance of the other new boys at the school and consequently I came top in everything except sport which I had no time for. I sound like a real little swot but it wasn't like that.

I left school at 18 with 6 'O' levels and 4 'A' levels and a first class diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I originally wanted to take a degree in Mechanical Engineering and obtained a place at Sheffield University on the proviso that I obtained 'O' level Chemistry in the first year. I was hopeless at chemistry so, rather than take a chance on failure, I went to the Sheffield Technical College doing Civil Engineering.

During my practical experience I worked on various bridge sites and on the construction of the M5 motorway. I eventually joined Derbyshire County Council Surveyors Department rising through the ranks to the final position of Agency Manager dealing with the Trunk Road network in Derbyshire. During my career with Derbyshire I was responsible for, amongst other projects, The Improvement at Matlock Bath, Langley Mill By-Pass and Spring Gardens Relief Road, Buxton.

In January 1964, my father died. I was 23. In January 1965 I married Jennifer King, and in the same year my first son Richard was born, and we moved to Matlock. Caroline was born some 20 months later and Thomas was born in 1973.

Richard married Nicky Watson, and they had two children, Molly (29 August 1999) and Leo (12 December 2001). Thomas married Alex Soudah and had a daughter, Samia (22 September 2001) and a son, Max Joseph (29 March 2003). Caroline married Phil Haymes and had two daughters, Florence (3 December 2002) and Beatrice Caroline (6 September 2006).

In 2001 I retired from Derbyshire County Council and worked part time for a firm of Consulting Engineers Scott Wilson. I worked for them until 2010 designing Household Waste Recycling Centres at Ashbourne and Matlock. I was diagnosed with Bowel cancer in 2011 and had an operation. I am still clear in 2015.

During the whole of my life I have been interested in Motor Sport, both Motorcycles and Cars. I have competed in long distance trials with a motor cycle and sidecar, trials specials cars and a 1930 vintage Lea Francis. I have had mild success winning two gold medals, one silver and many bronze. I still have a competion car but now just enter local car shows.

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