Mastin Family Tree

Amos Mastin of Laneham

(Born 1671. Died 1731)

This gentleman was J.M.'s great, great, great, great, great grandfather. There is no record of his early years, but from the Parish Records and Bishop's Transcripts at Nottingham, we do have a reocrd of his wife and children.

He married Elizabeth Tongue in 1699. They had one son, William (christened 30 April 1700), and three daughters, Mary (christened 30 April 1701), Sara (christened December 1702) and Elizabeth (christened 16 July 1704).

Elizabeth died and was buried on 6 December 1704, but Amos remarried on 26 March 1706 to Mary Selby (born 1685). She bore him another four children, Hugh (christened 20 April 1707), Anne (christened 15 December 1708), Susanna (christened 25 March 1711, and buried just two years later on 12 January 1713), and (the one we are interested in) John, born in 1723 (christened on 15 January 1724).

They seem to have lived all their lives in Laneham, but there are no visible remains in or around Laneham churchyard. It is also worth noting that there is a place called Selby (Mary's maiden name) a few miles south of Laneham.

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