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1837 Queen Victoria comes to British throne
1837 Death of John Constable (artist)
1839 British force Chinese to expand trade in Opium Wars
1840 Victoria marries Albert of Saxe-Coburg
1840 End of British practice of deporting convicts to Australia
1841 China cedes Hong Kong to Britain
1846 Great Potato Famine in Ireland
1848 Pre-Raphaelites advocate return to simple naturalism in art
1850 Death of William Wordsworth (poet)
1851 Death of William Turner (artist)
1851 First Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace, London
1856 William Gladstone grants home rule to Ireland
1859 Charles Darwin publishes "Origin of Species"
1861 John Stuart Mill publishes "Utilitarianism"
1867 Death of Michael Faraday (physicist)
1868 Benjamin Disraeli becomes British Prime Minister
1870 Death of Charles Dickens (writer)
1871 Trade unions legalized in Britain
1874 Benjamin Disraeli becomes British Prime minister for second time
1878 Salvation Army founded by Rev William Booth
1879 Britain and France take control of Egypt and Suez Canal
1881 William Gladstone becomes Prime Minister of Britain
1883 Revolt against British rule in Sudan
1884 Third Parliamentary Reform Bill passed
1887 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle writes first Shelock Holmes book
1890 London Underground (electric subway system) opens
1892 Death of Alfred Lord Tennyson (poet)
1893 British Labour Party formed
1901 Death of Queen Victoria

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