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1613 Michael Romanov (first of dynasty) becomes Tsar of Russia
1637 Russian pioneers reach Pacific coast
1682 Peter I (the Great) becomes Tsar of Russia
1695 Peter the Great defeats Turks at Sea of Azoz
1703 St Petersburg made capital of Russia
1709 Russians rout Swedes at Battle of Poltava
1721 Peter the Great made Emperor of Russia
1721 Russia takes Livonia and Estonia from Swedes at end of Great Northern War
1725 Death of Peter the Great of Russia
1762 Catherine II (the Great) becomes ruler of Russia
1772 Poland split between Russia and Prussia
1773 Short-lived revolt in Russia led by cossack Pugachov
1807 Russia signs friendly Treaty of Tilsit with Napoleon
1812 Napoleon's Grand Army destroyed - retreat from Moscow
1814 Russia gains Poland and Finland after Napoleon's defeat
1825 Nicholas I becomes Tsar of Russia - Decembrist Uprising
1837 Death of Alexander Pushkin (poet)
1848 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish "Communist Manifesto"
1854 Crimean War - Russia against England and France
1855 Alexander II becomes Tsar of Russia
1861 Emancipation of serfs in Russia
1865 Tashkent becomes centre of Russian expansion in Central Asia
1876 Death of Mikhail Bakunin (Russian anarchist)
1878 Russo-Turkish War liberates Serbia and Rumania from Turkish rule
1881 Start of pogroms against Russian Jews
1881 Death of Fyodor Dostoyevski (writer)
1884 Russia expands into Turkistan, Caucuses and eastwards
1893 Death of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (composer)
1894 Nicholas II becomes last Romanov Tsar of Russia
1903 Bolshevik Party established in Russia
1904 Russo-Japanese War
1904 Ivan Petrovich Pavlov wins Nobel Prize for work on animal behaviour
1905 Trans-Siberian Railway completed
1905 "Bloody Sunday" massace of protestors in St Petersburg
1907 Entente Cordiale between Russia, Britain and France
1908 Bulgaria liberated from Turkish rule by Russia
1910 Death of Leo Tolstoy (writer)
1911 Vasily Kandinsky experiments with abstract expressionism
1913 Igor Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" causes uproar
1913 Nijinsky and Pavlova perfoming Fokine and Diaghilev's ballets
1914 First World War - Germany/Austria vs Russia/France
1916 Grigory Rasputin murdered by nobles of Nicholas II's court

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