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1055 Seljuk Turks capture Baghdad
1075 Seljuk Turks capture Jerusalem
1206 Muslim Sultanate established by Turks in Delhi, India
1326 Ottoman Turk Empire begins under Orkhan
1355 Ottoman Suleiman takes Gallipoli - advances into Europe
1389 Ottoman Turks defeat Christian forces at Kossovo
1443 Turkish advance westwards set back by European federation in Hungary
1453 Turkish forces capture Constantinople from Byzantines
1476 Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) of Wallachia killed by Turkish forces
1514 Start of series of wars between Turkish and Persian Empires
1517 Turks conquer Egypt
1526 Turks under Suliman the Magnificent take Hungary
1529 Turks lay siege to Vienna
1535 Hapsburg Charles V drives Turks back from Hungary
1546 Death of Barbarossa, Barbary pirate who made conquests for Turkey

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