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1618 Hohenzollerns of Brandenberg (Prussia) acquire East Prussia
1640 Frederick, Great Elector of Brandenberg, expands Prussia
1670 Hanseatic League abandoned
1701 Frederick crowned King of Prussia
1713 Frederick William becomes next King of Prussia
1740 Frederick II (The Great) succedes to Prussian throne
1756 Seven Years' War - Prussia proves itself a major power
1772 Prussia annexes West Prussia from Poland
1795 Remainder of Poland divided between Prussia, Russia and Austria
1806 Prussians defeated by Napoleon at Jena
1814 Prussia obtains Saxony and Ruhr after Napoleon's defeat
1862 Otto von Bismark becomes First Minister of Prussia at its height
1866 Prussia captures Schleswig-Holstein from Denmark and Austria
1870 Prussia war against France culminates in Siege of Paris

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