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1420 Filippo Brunelleschi credited with invention of linear perspective in art
1434 Cosimo di Medici begins Medici rule in Florence
1435 Donatello makes bronze sculpture "David"
1436 Filippo Brunelleschi designs Duomo of Florence
1455 Death of Fra Angelico (artist)
1469 Lorenzo di Medici (the Magnificent) rules in Florence
1494 Italy invaded by French under Charles VIII
1498 Death of Girolamo Savonarola (preacher and reformer)
1500 High Renaissance in art centred in Italy
1503 Powerful Italian general Caesar Borgia defeated in Spain
1510 Death of Sandro Botticelli (artist)
1513 Niccolo Machiavelli writes "The Prince"
1515 Francis I of France takes Milan and much of Northern Italy
1519 Death of Leonardo da Vinci (artist and scientist)
1520 Death of Raphael (artist)
1525 Charles V of Hapsburg retakes Northern Italy from France
1564 Death of Michelangelo (artist)
1576 Death of Titian (artist)
1582 Gregorian calendar introduced by Pope Gregory XIII
1594 Death of Tinteretto (artist)
1594 Death of Pierluigi da Palestrina (composer)
1642 Death of Galileo Galileo (astronomer)
1643 Death of Claudio Monteverde (composer)
1669 Last major eruption of Mount Etna, Sicily (20,000 killed)
1737 Death of Antonio Stadivari (violin-maker)
1741 Death of Antonio Vivaldi (composer)
1770 Death of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (artist)
1798 Death of Giovanni Giacomo Casanova (adventurer and fabled lover)

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