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1867 Confederation of North German States established
1871 Prussia under Otto von Bismark annexes Alsace and Lorraine from France
1871 William I of Prussia proclaimed German Emperor (Kaiser)
1876 Richard Wagner completes his "Ring" cycle of operas
1882 Germany, Austria and Italy establish Triple Alliance
1883 Death of Richard Wagner (composer)
1886 Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz produce first automobiles
1888 Kaiser William II comes to power
1890 William II removes Bismark as Chancellor
1895 Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovers x-rays
1897 First zeppelin airship launched
1900 Death of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (philosopher)
1905 Albert Einstein develops special theory of relativity
1909 Arnold Schoenberg explores musical atonality
1911 Death of Gustav Mahler (composer)

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