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1945 Clement Attlee becomes Labour Prime Minister of Britain
1947 British pull out of India - Partition of India aand Pakistan
1948 George Orwell writes "1984"
1950 Death of George Bernard Shaw (dramatist)
1950 Bertrand Russell receives Nobel Prize for Literature
1952 George VI dies - Elizabeth II takes British throne
1953 Crick and Watson demonstrate double-helix structure of DNA
1956 Suez Crisis - Britain and France invade Egypt
1957 Sir Harold MacMillan becomes British Prime Minister
1960 DH Lawrence's 1928 book "Lady Chatterley's Lover" legally published in the UK
1963 The Beatles rise to popularity
1967 Sir Francis Chichester first to sail around world single-handed
1968 C Day Lewis becomes British Poet Laureate
1969 British supersonic aircraft Concorde makes maiden flight
1972 British impose direct rule on Northern Ireland
1973 Britain joins European Economic Community
1975 Birmingham Pub Bombings by IRA
1976 Punk (rebel music cult) develops - Sex Pistols, Clash, etc
1976 Death of Sir Benjamin Britten (composer)
1979 Margaret Thatcher becomes British Prime Minister
1980 John Lennon (singer) shot
1980 Social Democratic Party formed
1981 Black youths riot in British cities
1981 Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spenser
1982 Falklands War against Argentina
1984 Death of Sir John Betjeman (poet)
1984 Miners' Strike in Britain
1990 Margaret Thatcher resigns - John Major takes over as British PM
1994 "Chunnel", rail tunnel between England and France, inaugurated
1996 Prince Charles divorces Princess Diana
1997 Tony Blair becomes British Prime Minister
1997 Princess Diana killed in Paris car accident
1998 Good Friday Accord (Belfast Agreement) signed by Ireland and Britain

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