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1926 Antonio Salazar leads military coup in Portugal
1926 Death of Antoni Gaudí (Catalan architect)
1931 Spain proclaimed a republic
1936 Spanish Civil War starts
1936 Assassination of Federico García Lorca (Spanish poet)
1937 German bombing of Guernica, Northern Spain
1939 Fascists under Francisco Franco triumph in Spanish Civil War
1959 Terrorist organization ETA founded to fight for Basque independence
1973 Death of Pablo Picasso (Spanish artist)
1974 Portugal overthrows dictatorship - António de Spinola President
1975 Juan Carlos becomes King of Spain after Franco's death
1976 Free elections re-established in Spain
1978 ETA (Basque seperatist group) active in Spain
1983 Socialist government headed by Mário Soares in Portugal
1989 Death of Salvador Dalí (Spanish artist)

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