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1940 Japan occupies Indo-China
1946 Start of First Indochina War for independence from French rule
1948 Korea divided into North and South Republics
1949 Indonesia under Sukarno gains independence from Netherlands
1950 Korean War starts - Communist North vs Capitalist South
1953 Korean War ends after involving China, US and several other countries
1954 End of First Indochina War - Vietnam partitioned
1954 Laos and Cambodia recognized as independent
1959 Communist North Vietnam starts war against Capitalist South
1964 US becomes involved in Vietnam War
1965 Ferdinand Marcos becomes President of Philippines
1967 General Suharto of Indonesia wrests power from President Sukarno
1969 US involvement in Vietnam peaks
1975 Communists finally triumph in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
1978 Radical reorganization of Cambodia by cruel Pol-Pot regime
1979 "Boat People" start to flee Communist regime in Vietnam
1979 President Park Chung Hee of South Korea assassinated
1983 Philippino opposition leader Benigno Aquino assassinated
1986 Marcos flees country and Corazon Aquino takes power in Philippines
1997 Asian financial crisis
1998 Indonesian dictator Suharto steps down after 32 years in power

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