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1918 Jewish League formed by David Ben Gurion
1919 Kemal Atatürk leads Turkish nationlist resistance
1919 Jewish Zionists start immigration into Palestine
1921 Modern Persian state created by Resa Khan
1921 Greece declares war on Turkey
1922 Republic of Turkey declared under Kemal Pasha
1922 Britain grants independence to Egypt
1924 Greece declares itself a republic
1948 British pull out of Palestine - state of Israel established
1956 Gamal Abdel Nasser becomes President of Egyptian Republic
1956 Suez Crisis - Britain and France attack Egypt
1960 Construction of Aswan High Dam in Egypt begins
1962 Yemenese Civil War
1964 Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) formed
1967 First Arab-Israeli (6-Day) War
1971 United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar become independent from Britain
1973 Second Arab-Israeli (Yom Kippur) War
1973 Saudi Arabia leads huge oil price increases - world economy slows
1974 Turkey intervenes in Cyprus
1974 PLO under Yasser Arafat recognized as representing Palestine
1975 Christian vs Muslim war in Lebanon
1975 King Faisal of Saudi Arabia assassinated
1977 Israel under Menachem Begin starts West Bank settlements
1979 Iranian Revolution - Ayatollah Khomeini proclaims Islamic Republic
1979 Camp David Agreement brokers peace between Israel and Egypt
1980 Military coup in Turkey under Kenan Evren
1980 Iranian Hostage Crisis - hostages held in US Embassy in Tehran
1980 Iran-Iraq War begins
1981 President Anwar al-Sadat of Egypt assassinated by Muslim fundamentalists
1981 Greece votes in Socialist Andreas Papandreou
1982 Israel invades Lebanon - Israel-Lebanon War
1983 End of Israel-Lebanon War
1987 Intifada - Palestinian opposition to Israeli occupation of Gaza and West Bank
1988 End of Iran-Iraq War
1991 Persian Gulf War starts after Iraq invades Kuwait
1996 Israel elects Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister
1999 King Hussein of Jordan dies after ruling for 46 years

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