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1849 Papal regime restored after rebellion declared Rome a republic
1849 Giuseppe Garibaldi defends Italy against France and Austria
1860 Piedmont and most of Italy united under Garibaldi
1861 Victor Emmanel proclaimed King of Italy by first Parliament
1868 Death of Giacchino Rossini (composer)
1870 Rome and Papal states annexed to Kingdom of Italy
1895 Guglielmo Marconi sends first radio message
1901 Death of Giuseppe Verdi (composer)
1910 Futurist Manifesto (modern art movement) published in Italy
1919 Death of Adelina Patti (opera singer)
1921 Death of Enrico Caruso (opera singer)
1922 Fascist Benito Mussolini siezes power as dictator in Italy
1924 Death of Giaccomo Puccini (composer)
1935 Benito Mussolini invades Abyssinia
1938 Enrico Fermi wins Nobel Prize for work on atomic energy
1943 Mussolini overthrown and Fascist Party dissolved
1946 Italy votes to become a republic
1976 Giulio Andreotti leads minority government in Italy
1978 Aldo Moro assassinated by leftist Red Brigade terrorists
1983 Bettino Craxi leads Italian coalition government
1993 Salvatore Riina, reputed Mafia leader, arrested

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