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1900 Death of Oscar Wilde (writer)
1905 Sinn Fein, Irish nationalist (Republican) movement, founded
1916 Unsuccessful Easter Rising by Irish Republicans
1919 Irish Republican Army (IRA) formed as radical military wing of Sinn Fein
1922 James Joyce writes "Ulysses"
1922 Ireland partitioned into Northern Ireland and Irish Free State (Southern Ireland)
1932 Eamonn de Valera becomes Republican Fianna Fail leader
1937 Eire (Southern Ireland) declares itself completely independent state
1952 Samuel Beckett develops Theatre of the Absurd - "Waiting for Godot"
1969 Provisional IRA, terrorist offshoot of IRA, formed
1969 Catholic vs Protestant "Troubles" resume in Ireland
1972 "Bloody Sunday" massacre in Ireland
1972 British impose direct rule on Northern Ireland
1975 Birmingham Pub Bombings by IRA
1981 IRA prisoners go on hunger strike - 10 die
1994 IRA announce unconditional cease-fire - lasts until 1996
1998 Good Friday Accord (Belfast Agreement) signed by Ireland and Britain

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