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1947 British withdraw from India - Partition of India and Pakistan
1948 Mahatma Ghandi assassinated
1957 India claims state of Kashmir
1958 Ayub Khan becomes military leader of Pakistan
1961 Portugal loses its territories in Goa
1962 Sino-Indian Border Conflict between China and India
1964 Indian Prime Minister Jahawarlal Nehru dies
1971 Indira Ghandi becomes Prime Minister of India
1971 Indo-Pakistan War - Bangladesh declared independent republic
1972 Ceylon becomes independent Republic of Sri Lanka
1974 India explodes first nuclear device
1977 Zulfikar Ali Bhutto executed after coup in Pakistan
1978 Muhammed Zia Ul-Haq becomes hard-line Muslim President of Pakistan
1984 Indira Ghandi assassinated by Sikhs - violence erupts in India
1984 Bhopal industrial disaster in Madhya Pradesh (4,000 - 25,000 killed)
1985 Tamil separatist resurgence in Sri Lanka
1991 Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi killed by Tamil suicide bomber
1997 Catholic nun Mother Teresa dies after nearly 50 years work in India
1999 Military coup led by Gen. Pervez Musharraf overthrows Pakistani government

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