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1914 First World War - Germany/Austria vs Britain/France/Russia
1916 Albert Einstein publishes General Theory of Relativity
1916 Inconclusive battles at Verdun and Somme in France
1916 Tristan Tzara develops Dada art movement
1918 End of First World War (25m killed) - Versailles Conference
1919 Treaty of Versailles - Germany loses annexed lands and colonies
1919 Germany proclaimed a republic
1919 Bauhaus art movement developed by architect Walter Gropius
1923 Arnold Schoenberg develops 12-tone system of music
1925 Franz Kafka writes "The Trial"
1926 German physicist Werner Heisenberg develops his uncertainty principle
1926 Death of Rainer Maria Rilke (poet)
1927 Werner Heisenberg publishes treatise on Uncertainty Principle
1929 Kurt Weill writes "Threepenny Opera"
1933 Adolph Hitler becomes dictator after coup
1935 Germany under Hitler begins persecution of Jews (6m killed)
1938 Hitler siezes Austria (Anschluss) and Czechoslovakia
1939 Britain and France enter Second World War after Hitler invades Poland
1939 Discovery of nuclear fission by German physicists Hahn, Meitner, Strassmann and Frisch
1941 Germany invades Russia - Russia enters Second World War
1942 British army under Montgomery drives Germans out of Egypt
1945 Germany surrenders - end of Second World War (45m killed)
1946 Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal
1949 West Germany declared a republic - Konrad Adenauer becomes Chanceller
1955 Death of Albert Einstein, German-born physicist
1961 Berlin Wall built between East and West Germany
1969 Willi Brandt becomes German Chanceller
1972 Treaty recognizes East and West Germany as sovereign states
1976 Baader-Meinhof Gang (leftist terrorists) active in Germany
1980 Relations between East and West Germany deteriorate
1983 Helmut Kohl becomes German Chancellor
1989 Berlin Wall demolished
1990 East and West Germany unite as Federal Republic of Germany
1998 German chancellor Helmut Kohl defeated by Gerhard Schröder

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