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1907 Entente Cordiale between France, Britain and Russia
1909 Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque develop Cubism
1914 First World war - Germany/Austria vs Britain/France/Russia
1916 Inconclusive battles at Verdun and Somme in France
1917 Death of Edgar Degas (artist)
1918 Death of Claude Debussy (composer)
1918 End of First World War (25m killed) - Versailles Conference
1919 Death of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (artist)
1924 André Breton publishes first Surrealist Manifesto
1935 France concludes pact of mutual assistance with Russia
1936 Popular Front government in France under Léon Blum
1937 Death of Maurice Ravel (composer)
1939 France enters Second World War after Hitler invades Poland
1940 Marshal Pétain agrees armistice with Hitler - France occupied
1942 Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus develop Existentialism
1944 D-Day - Allies make crucial push into France
1944 Charles de Gaulle organizes provisional government after Paris liberated
1945 End of Second World War (45m killed)
1956 Suez Crisis - Britain and France attack Egypt
1958 Charles de Gaulle given extensive powers in France
1962 Georges Pompidou takes over after vote against Charles de Gaulle
1981 François Mitterrand becomes first Socialist President of France
1986 Jacques Chirac becomes Prime Minister
1994 "Chunnel", rail tunnel between England and France, inaugurated

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