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1901 Edward VII comes to English throne
1901 Marconi sends first transatlantic radio message from Britain
1906 Movement for Women's Suffrage becomes active in Britain
1906 Liberal landslide government in Britain
1908 Herbert Asquith becomes Liberal Prime Minister
1908 Lord Baden-Powell founds Boy Scouts and Girl Guides
1910 First Post-Impressionist art exhibition (Cezanne/Van Gogh/Gauguin) in London
1910 Death of Florence Nightingale (nurse and hospital reformer)
1910 Bertrand Russell and Alfred Whitehead publish "Principia Mathematica"
1910 George V succedes to British throne
1914 Britain drawn into First World War against Germany
1916 Inconclusive battles at Verdun and Somme in France
1918 Lawrence of Arabia aids British forces in Middle East
1918 End of First World War (25m killed) - Versailles Conference
1918 Women over 30 granted right to vote in Britain
1918 Earnest Rutherford splits the atom
1921 British-Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein publishes his "Tractatus"
1922 TS Eliot writes "The Waste Land"
1924 First Labour Government under Ramsay MacDonald voted in Britain
1926 General Strike in Britain
1928 Sir Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin
1928 Equal adult suffrage established in Britain
1930 Death of DH Lawrence (writer)
1931 National Coalition Government in Britain
1932 Aldous Huxley writes "Brave New World"
1934 Death of Sir Edward Elgar (composer)
1936 King George V dies - Edward VIII abdicates - George VI accedes
1937 Neville Chamberlaine's government appeases Germany and Italy
1939 Britain enters Second World War after Hitler invades Poland
1940 Sir Winston Churchill becomes British Prime Minister
1940 Battle of Britain - Germany defeated in air
1941 Death of Virginia Woolf (writer)
1942 British army under Montgomery drives Germans out of Egypt
1944 D-Day - Allies make crucial push into France
1945 Germany surrenders - end of Second World War (45m killed)

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