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1930 Heile Selassie becomes Emperor of Ethiopia
1948 Afrikaaner National Party comes to power in South Africa - apartheid
1953 Mau Mau Rebellion breaks out in Kenya
1957 Ghana first African colony to gain independence from Britain
1960 Congo gains independence from Belgium
1961 South Africa declares republic and leaves British Commonwealth
1964 Nelson Mandela jailed for campaigning against apartheid in South Africa
1964 Kenya becomes republic under Jomo Kenyatta
1965 White government declares independence in Southern Rhodesia
1967 Nigerian Civil War - Biafra famine
1967 First human heart transplant performed in South Africa
1969 Moammar al-Qaddafi (Gadafi) leads military coup in Libya
1971 Revolution in Ethiopia overthrows Haile Selassie
1972 President Idi Amin expels Asians from Uganda
1974 Portugal grants independence to Mozambique, Angola and other colonies
1974 South Africa voted out of UN for apartheid policies
1975 Civil war breaks out in Angola
1977 Activist Steve Biko dies in custody in South Africa
1979 Idi Amin forced out of Uganda
1980 Robert Mugabe leads first black government in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
1983 Coloureds and Asians allowed vote in South Africa
1984 Drought and famine in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan
1990 Neslon Mandela released - end of apartheid in South Africa
1991 Ethiopian Civil War ends - Eritrea becomes independent
1994 Rwandan genocide of ethnic Tutsis by Hutus
1994 Nelson Mandela becomes first black President of South Africa
1999 Nelson Mandela retires as president of South Africa - succeeded by Thabo Mbeki

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