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1066 Norman Conquest of England under William I ("the Conqueror")
1071 Saxon leader Hereward the Wake finally yields to Normans
1080 Death of Lady Godiva (benefactress)
1086 Domesday Book compiled by William I
1106 Henry I of England recaptures Normandy
1119 Knights Templar Order founded in Britain
1135 Stephen takes English crown, and Anarchy begins
1154 Henry II (of Anjou) becomes first Plantagenet King of England
1154 Death of Geoffrey of Monmouth (historian)
1169 Henry II sends Strongbow to subdue Ireland
1170 Thomas Beckett murdered in Canterbury Cathedral on Henry II's orders
1189 Richard I (the Lionheart) becomes King of England
1199 John takes English throne while Richard away on Crusades
1205 English under John driven out of Normandy and France
1215 King John forced to sign Magna Carta
1226 "Summer is icumen in": one of first examples of written music
1249 First college founded at Oxford (University College)
1265 Simon de Montford establishes Parliament in England
1272 Edward I becomes first true "English" King of England
1274 Death of Thomas Aquinas (theologian and philosopher)
1284 First college founded at Cambridge (Peterhouse)
1294 Death of Roger Bacon (philosopher and scientist)
1295 "Model Parliament" established
1296 Edward I makes incursions into Scotland
1308 Death of Duns Scotus (Scottish scholar and philosopher)
1314 Scots under Robert Bruce defeat English at Bannockburn
1328 Treaty of Northampton - full Scottish sovereignty recognized
1337 Beginning of Hundred Years' War between England and France
1348 Black Death plague reaches Britain
1349 Death of William of Occam (philosopher)
1381 Wat Tyler's Peasant Revolt in England crushed
1384 John Wycliff killed for his Lollard heresies
1398 Dick Whittington becomes Mayor of London
1399 Henry IV II deposes Richard - Lancastrian rule in England
1400 Owen Glendower revolts in Wales
1400 Death of Geoffrey Chaucer (writer)
1415 Battle of Agincourt - Henry V victorious in France
1450 Popular discontent erupts in Jack Cade's Rebellion
1453 Battle of Castillon - English finally defeated in France
1455 Wars of the Roses begin between Houses of Lancaster and York
1470 "Kingmaker" Warwick turns Lancastrian and deposes Edward IV
1476 William Caxton sets up first printing press in London

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