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1773 Boston Tea Party signals start of American Revolution
1776 America declares independence from Britain
1781 British finally surrender to Americans at Yorktown
1787 American Constitution drafted
1789 George Washington becomes first American President
1801 Thomas Jefferson becomes American President
1803 Napoleon sells Louisiana to America to finance his wars
1804 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark start fact-finding voyage across America
1812 French and British forces repel American attacks on Canada
1814 British forces burn Washington before negotiating peace for Canada
1819 Spain cedes Florida territory to America
1826 Thomas Jefferson and John Adams die
1830 Mormon sect founded by Joseph Smith
1838 Trail of Tears - mass relocation of American Indians
1840 Upper and Lower Canada re-unified
1848 Texas becomes part of America after wars with Mexico
1848 California Gold Rush begins
1849 Henry David Thoreau publishes "Civil Disobedience"
1849 Self-government established in Canada
1861 Abraham Lincoln becomes President of America
1861 Start of American Civil War
1863 Abraham Lincoln gives Gettysburg Address speech
1865 End of American Civil War
1865 Abolition of slavery in America
1866 Anti-black Ku Klux Klan formed
1867 America buys Alaska from Russia
1867 Confederation of Canada
1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents telephone
1876 Custers Last Stand - killed fighting in Indian Wars
1877 Thomas Edison invents first phonograph
1878 Thomas Edison develops electric light
1881 Wyatt Earp in OK Corral gunfight
1882 Jesse James shot by own gang member
1885 George Eastman markets first box camera
1886 All American Indians now in reservations
1892 Death of Walt Whitman (poet)
1896 Klondike Gold Rush in Alaska and Yukon
1903 Wright Brothers make first controlled flight in aeroplane
1903 Henry Ford designs first mass-produced cars
1909 American Robert Peary first to reach North Pole

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