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1479 Aragon and Castile united by marriage of Ferdinand and Isabela
1481 Spanish Inquisition begins in Castile
1492 Genoese Christopher Columbus "discovers" West Indies for Spain
1492 Granada last Spanish city to be re-captured from Moors
1496 Spanish crown marries into Austrian House of Hapsburg
1498 Christopher Columbus briefly lands on South American mainland
1512 Spaniard Vasco Núñez de Balboa first to see Pacific Ocean
1516 Hapsburg Charles V becomes King of Spain
1522 Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan's expedition for Spain first to circumnavigate globe
1534 Spaniard Ignatius Loyola founds Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
1558 Philip II inherits Spain and other lands from Hapsburgs
1568 Beginning of English-Spanish maritime feud - Hawkins & Drake
1580 Philip II of Spain annexes Portugal and its dependencies
1581 Netherlands proclaims independence from Spain and wars begin
1588 Sir Francis Drake of England defeats Spanish Armada
1616 Death of Miguel de Cervantes (writer)
1635 Death of Lope de Vega (dramatist)
1640 Portugal establishes independence from Spain again
1648 Netherlands finally achieves independence from Spain - Peace of Westphalia
1659 Peace of the Pyrenees - France replaces Spain as world power
1660 Death of Diego Velázquez (artist)
1682 Death of Bartolemé Murillo (artist)
1700 War of Spanish Succession: France wins and Bourbon made King of Spain
1828 Death of Francisco Goya (artist)
1834 Carlist Wars in Spain
1868 Revolution deposes Queen Isabella II of Spain
1873 First Republic of Spain declared
1898 Spain loses rest of its empire in Spanish-American War

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