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1438 Albert II first hereditary Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire
1456 Johann Gutenberg sets up printing press - Mazarin Bible
1477 Netherlands, Luxembourg and Burgundy brought under German control
1516 Hapsburg Charles V now king over Germany, Netherlands and Spain
1517 Luther publishes 95 Theses - start of Reformation
1520 Luther excommunicated
1521 Charles V divides Hapsburg Empire between Austria and Spain
1524 Death of Hans Holbein the Elder (artist)
1526 Hungarian and Bohemian crowns unite with Austrian Hapsburgs
1527 Charles V retakes Northern Italy from France and sacks Rome
1528 Death of Albrecht Durer and Matthias Grunewald (artists)
1545 Catholic Counter-Reformation after Council of Trent
1553 Death of Cranach the Elder (artist)
1555 Peace of Augsburg - allows choice of religious denomination
1556 Charles V leaves Austria to Ferdinand and Spain to Philip II
1618 Thirty Years' War in Germany to decide Bohemian succession
1699 Treaty of Karlowitz - Turks concede Hungary to Austria
1716 Death of Gottfried Wilhelm Liebnitz (philosopher and mathematician)
1740 Maria Teresa succedes to Austrian throne
1750 Death of Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
1759 Death of George Friderich Handel (composer)
1763 Austria defeated in Seven year' War and loses Silesia
1774 Goethe's "Werther" heralds Romantic Era
1780 Joseph II assumes sole power over Austrian empire
1781 Immanuel Kant publishes "Critique of Pure Reason"
1791 Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
1797 Napoleon compels Austria to make peace
1804 Death of Emmanuel Kant (philosopher)
1804 Francis II declared first hereditary emperor of Austria
1805 Death of Friedrich von Schiller (poet)
1806 Empire re-organized by Napoleon - end of Holy Roman Empire
1809 Uprising in Germany and Austria - war against Napoleon renewed
1827 Death of Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
1831 Death of Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (philosopher)
1832 Death of Johann Goethe (poet)
1848 Francis Joseph accedes to Austrian throne after rising
1848 Hungary declares independence from Austrian Empire

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