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1789 Storming of the Bastille - start of French Revolution
1792 French Republic declared
1793 Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette beheaded
1793 Jean-Paul Marat beheaded after "Reign of Terror"
1794 Georges Danton and Maximilien Robespierre beheaded
1796 Napoleon Bonaparte begins conquests in Italy
1797 Napoleon compels Austria to make peace
1799 Napoleon leads coup d'etat in France and sets up Consulate
1803 Napoleon sells Louisiana possessions to America to finance wars
1804 Napoleon makes himself Emperor of France
1805 Napoleon defeated by Lord Horatio Nelson at Trafalgar
1806 German Empire re-organized by Napoleon - end of Holy Roman Empire
1807 Napoleon controls most of Europe
1808 Napoleon takes Spain but loses it again in Peninsula Wars
1812 Napoleon's Grand Army destroyed and retreats from Moscow
1814 Congress of Vienna - after Napoleon's defeat, Russia gains Poland and Finland,
Netherlands acquires Belgium, and Prussia obtains Saxony and Ruhr
1814 Bourbon monarchy restored with Louis XVIII
1815 Napoleon escapes exile in Elba and re-takes Paris
1815 Napoleon's final defeat by Duke of Wellington at Waterloo - exiled
1824 Charles X succedes as King of France
1830 July Revolution makes Louis-Philippe "Citizen-King"
1837 Early photography pioneered by Louis Daguerre
1840 Pierre Joseph Proudhon propounds anarchist view that "property is theft"
1848 Louis-Philippe abdicates - Second Republic declared
1852 Louis Napoleon declares himself Emperor Napoleon III
1857 Death of Auguste Comte (philosopher)
1860 Death of Honoré de Balzac (writer)
1863 Death of Eugene Delacroix (artist)
1870 Death of Alexander Dumas (writer)
1870 Napoleon III attacks Prussia
1871 Commune of Paris crushed - Adolphe Thiers made President of French Republic
1871 Prussia under Otto von Bismark annexes Alsace and Lorraine from France
1874 First Impressionist exhibition (named after Monet painting)
1880 Death of Gustave Flaubert (writer)
1883 Death of Edouard Manet (artist)
1885 Death of Victor Hugo (writer)
1889 Eiffel Tower built in Paris (designed by Gustave Alexandre Eiffel)
1890 Lumière bothers develop motion pictures
1891 Death of Arthur Rimbaud (Symbolist poet)
1894 Alfred Dreyfus convicted of treason
1895 Death of Louis Pasteur (chemist)
1902 Death of Emile Zola (writer)
1906 Death of Paul Cézanne (artist)

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