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1589 Henry IV first Bourbon King of France
1598 Edict of Nantes allows Calvinism in France
1608 Permanent French colony founded in Canada by Samuel de Champlain
1610 Henry IV of France assassinated by Catholic fanatic
1624 Cardinal Richelieu builds up French power
1642 Cardinal Richelieu dies and Cardinal Mazarin takes over
1643 Louis XIV ("Sun King") becomes King of France at 5 years old
1650 Death of René Descartes (philosopher and mathematician)
1659 French frontiers enlarged after treaty with Spain
1661 Louis XIV sole ruler of France after Cardinal Mazarin dies
1662 Death of Blaise Pascal (mathematician and philosopher)
1667 Louis XIV starts series of wars to expand French borders
1673 Death of Molière (dramatist)
1680 Louis XIV annexes Alsace for France
1682 French claim large American possessions in Louisiana
1685 Edict of Nantes revoked - Protestant Huguenots flee France
1699 Death of Jean Racine (dramatist)
1701 Grand Alliance of England, Netherlands and Austria against France
1704 English under Duke of Marlborough defeat French at Blenheim
1713 Treaty of Utrecht - peace unfavourable to French
1715 Louis XIV dies and Louis XV succedes
1729 Voltaire starts to preach ideas of political freedom
1738 Lorraine ceded to France
1759 General James Wolfe takes French Quebec for English
1763 Treaty of Paris confirms English domination in Canada
1774 Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette succede to French throne
1778 Deaths of Voltaire and Rousseau (Enlightenment philosophers)
1783 Montgolfier brother becomes first men to fly (in hot-air balloon)
1788 Food riots in France after poor harvest

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