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1226 Mongol forces invade Poland
1256 Hanseatic League formed in Baltic - trade flourishes
1320 Valdislav I crowned King of Poland - reunites territory
1333 Casimir the Great becomes King of Poland
1386 Jagellons Dynasty starts 190 year rule in Poland
1410 Poles and Lithuanians under Vladislav II defeat Teutonic Knights
1447 Poland and Lithuania unite
1506 Golden Age of Poland begins under Sigismund I and II
1543 Polish astronomer Nicolas Copernicus shows that Earth revolves around Sun
1572 Poland declares itself a republic
1648 Cossack uprising begins Polish demise as a major power
1670 Hanseatic League abandoned
1772 West Prussia annexed from Poland by Prussia
1795 Remainder of Poland divided between Prussia, Russia and Austria
1814 Poland ruled by Russia after defeat of Napoleon
1830 Polish rebellion against Russia defeated

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