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1477 Netherlands, Luxembourg and Burgundy brought under German (Hapsburg) control
1516 Hapsburg Charles V now king of Netherlands, Germany and Spain
1516 Death of Heironymous Bosch (artist)
1536 Death of Erasmus (scholar)
1568 William the Silent leads Dutch in revolt against Hapsburgs
1578 Dutch provinces fight against Spanish domination
1580 Dutch sieze many Portuguese trading posts throughout the world
1581 Netherlands proclaims independence from Spain and wars start
1609 Dutch republic breaks away from Holy Roman Empire and Spanish rule
1638 Death of Peter Breugel the Younger (artist)
1641 Death of Anthony Van Dyke (artist)
1645 Death of Grotius (founder of International Law)
1648 Netherlands finally achieves independence from Spain - Peace of Westphalia
1667 Death of Baruch Spinoza (philosopher)
1669 Death of Rembrandt (artist)
1675 Death of Jan Vermeer (artist)
1688 Dutch William of Orange invited to take English throne
1814 Netherlands acquires Belgium after Napoleon defeated
1826 Dutch steamship "Curaçao" first to cross Atlantic
1830 Belgian revolution establishes independence from Netherlands
1890 Death of Vincent Van Gogh (artist)

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