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-3000 Advanced civilization (Dravidians) in Indus Valley
-2500 Tribes of Aryans (Indo-Europeans) gradually move into India
-1000 Rig Veda (first Indian sacred text) written
-540 Magadha kingdom in Northern India becomes dominant power
-528 Enlightenment of Gautama Buddha
-480 Death of Gautama Buddha and spread of his teachings
-330 Alexander the Great makes incursions into India
-240 King Asoka extends his empire to cover most of India
320 Gupta dynasty reunites India and arts flourish
550 White Huns from the north west destroy Indian empire
1206 Turkish Sultanate established in Delhi - power centralized
1398 Mongols under Tamerlaine invade Northern Indian and sack Delhi
1509 Portuguese trading empire established at Goa, South India
1519 Sikhism founded in India
1526 Babar (Babur), descendent of Mongol leader Tamerlaine founds
Mughal (Mogul) Empire in India
1556 Mughal leader Akbar comes to power - controls most of India

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