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451 Attila the Hun invades Gaul - repelled by Romans
481 Francs under Clovis found Merovingian Kingdom in Gaul
732 Charles Martel halts Muslim advance into France
751 Pepin founds Carolingian line
771 Charlemagne becomes king of Francs - expands into Germany and Italy
800 Charlemagne crowned Emperor
814 Death of Charlemagne and division of Frankish Empire
843 Treaty of Verdun - seperate France and Germany established
876 Charles the Fat inherits Frankish Empire
910 Abbey of Cluny founded - monastic reforms begin
987 Hugh Capet made King of France
990 Rollo the Viking rules Normandy (as a fiefdom of France)
1142 Death of Peter Abelard (theologist and romantic)
1215 Dominican Order of monks founded in Languedoc
1223 Franciscan Order of monks founded
1285 France under Philp IV extends French influence
1309 Papacy moves to Avignon for over a century
1312 France and Papacy suppress Knights Templar
1328 Valois Dynasty takes over from House of Capet in France
1337 Beginning of Hundred Years' War between England and France
1358 "The Jaquerie" - French peasant revolt
1415 Battle of Agincourt - Henry V of England victorious in France
1431 Joan of Arc burnt at stake after military campaigns against England
1453 English finally defeated in France at Castillon - end of Hundred Years' War
1461 Louis XI becomes king of France
1477 Charles the Bold defeated at Nancy - end of Rise of Burgundy
1515 Francis I of France takes Milan and much of Northern Italy
1521 Death of Josquin de Pres (composer)
1525 Charles V of Hapsburg retakes Northern Italy from France
1553 Death of François Rabelais (writer and satirist)
1562 Huguenots fight for right to follow Calvinism in France
1572 Massacre of St Bartholemew - Huguenots routed
1576 French Catholic League formed by Guise family
1589 Death of Catherine de Medici ("Queen Mother of France")

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