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-2500 First Golden Age of China under Yao, Shun and Yu
-1600 Shang Dynasty - advanced civilization and literature
-1030 Chou Dynasty - feudal system established
-660 Japanese Empire established by Jimmu
-530 Death of Lao-Tsu, founder of Taoism
-500 Wars between rival Chinese kingdoms
-500 Confucius preaching in China
-480 Ch'in Dynasty - standardized language and administration
-220 Shih Huang Ti first emperor of united China
-210 Great Wall of China built to keep out Mongolians
-200 Han Dynasty - Mandarin bureaucracy and invention of paper
-140 Emperor Wu Ti expands Chinese Empire
200 Silk, porcelain and tea exported to west on Silk Road
220 End of Han Dynasty - China divided for 3 centuries
400 Japanese states united by Yamato clan
400 Shinto cult in Japan
520 Zen form of Buddhism introduced to China from India
581 Sui Dynasty - China reunited
600 China's Grand Canal (longest canal system in world) rebuilt
600 Khmer Empire established in Indo-China
618 T'ang Dynasty in China - arts and literature thrive
683 Empress Wu becomes first and only Chinese woman ruler
710 Japanese capital established at Nara
794 Kyoto becomes capital of Japan during Heian period
868 First book printed in China
907 "Five Dynasties" and partition of China

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