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446 Romans pull out of Britain
492 St Patrick completes Christian conversion of Ireland
500 King Arthur and Knights of Round Table (legendary)
597 Pope Gregory the Great sends St Augustine to convert Britons
663 Roman Christianity accepted in Britain
735 Death of Venerable Bede (scholar and historian)
793 Vikings invade Britain
795 Death of King Offa - end of Mercian domination of England
825 Wessex under Egbert becomes dominant in England
843 Kenneth McAlpin becomes first king of Scots and Picts
866 Much of England occupied by Viking Great Army
871 Alfred the Great defeats Danish invaders in Britain
899 Edward the Elder succeeds Alfred the Great
937 West Saxons under Athelstan now masters of England
1013 Ethelred the Unready flees to Normandy before the Danes
1016 Danish King Canute comes to English throne
1018 Scotland under Malcolm II annexes Strathclyde and Cumbria
1040 Macbeth becomes king of Scotland
1042 Edward the Confessor becomes king of England

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