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-2000 Neolithic cultures in Peruvian desert
-1500 Olmecs settle on Gulf Coast of Mexico
-900 Chavin culture predominates in northern Peru
-400 Mayan civilizations develop in Central America
150 High Mayan society in Guatemala and Mexico
250 Classic period of Mayan civilization
650 Zapotec civilization of southern Mexico at its zenith
700 Widespread pre-Inca culture develops around Lake Titicaca, Peru
900 Mayan Empire mysteriously collapses
1000 Viking Leif Erikson "discovers" North America
1100 Inca tribes move into Cusco valley, Peru
1200 Cahokia capital of Mississipian cultures of North America
1470 Centralized Incan empire stretches from Ecuador to Argentina
1490 Aztec Empire covers much of Mesoamerica by this time

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