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-800 Phoenicians establish colony at Carthage, North Africa
-500 Iron Age Nok culture thriving in Nigeria
-200 Axum Kingdom established in Ethiopia
50 Aksum line of Ethiopian kings start rule
100 Bantu people of West Africa start to spread south and east
400 Ghana controls important African gold trade
1000 Zimbabwe culture influencial in East Africa
1050 Islamic Berber dynasties established in Sahel
1230 Ghanaian Empire replaced by Mali, centred around Timbuktu
1325 Zenith of Mandingo Empire in Mali
1340 Songhai Empire replaces Mali rule
1483 Portuguese travellers discover Congo River
1493 Songhai Empire reaches height of power under Sonni Ali
1516 Algiers taken by pirate Barbarossa for Holy Roman Empire
1571 Bornu Empire in Central Sudan at its zenith under Idris III
1592 Moorish conquest of African Songhai Empire
1652 Dutch establish first colony in South Africa

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