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1814 Dutch cede Cape Colony to British
1822 Colony for freed American slaves established in Liberia
1828 Death of Chaka, great Zulu conqueror
1830 French capture Algeria from Turks
1836 Great Trek of Boers (Afrikaners) from British South Africa
1841 David Livingstone begins African explorations
1855 David Livingstone "discovers" Victoria Falls
1869 Suez Canal opened in Egypt
1871 Henry Stanley finds David Livingstone near Lake Tanganyika
1872 Self-rule granted to Cape Colony in South Africa
1876 Belgium under king Leopold II annexes African Congo
1879 Britain and France take control of Egypt and Suez Canal
1879 Zulu War in South Africa
1881 French annexe Tunisia and other North African possessions
1883 Revolt against British rule in Sudan
1885 Germany annexes south-western and parts of eastern Africa
1889 Henry Stanley completes his explorations of Africa
1890 Cecil Rhodes becomes Prime Minister of Cape Colony
1898 Horatio Earl Kitchener re-conquers Sudan for Britain
1899 Beginning of Boer War in South Africa
1900 British establish control over much of east and central Africa
1902 Boers surrender to British forces in South Africa
1909 Union of South Africa established
1912 African National Congress (ANC) formed in South Africa to fight apartheid

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