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1701 Grand Alliance of England, Netherlands and Austria against Louis XIV of France
1701 Frederick crowned King of Prussia
1702 Anne comes to English throne
1703 St Petersburg made capital of Russia
1703 Death of Samuel Pepys (diarist)
1704 English under Duke of Marlborough defeat French at Blenheim
1704 Death of John Locke (philosopher)
1707 Death of Aurangzeb, Emperor of Mughal India at its height
1707 England and Scotland become United Kingdom of Great Britain
1709 Russians rout Swedes at Battle of Poltava - end of Swedish dominance
1713 Spain grants monopoly of American slave trade to Britain
1713 Treaty of Utrecht - England gain favourable peace with France
1713 Frederick William becomes next King of Prussia
1714 Queen Anne, last of the Stuarts, dies
1714 British Hannoverian line begins with coronation of George I
1715 Louis XIV dies and Louis XV succedes
1716 First Freemason Grand Lodge established
1716 Death of Gottfried Wilhelm Liebnitz (mathematician and philosopher)
1719 Daniel Defoe writes "Robinson Crusoe" (first "real" novel)
1720 Collapse of "South Sea Bubble" trading empire
1720 Sir Edmund Halley becomes Astronomer Royal
1721 Sir Robert Walpole becomes first British Prime Minister
1721 Russia takes Livonia and Estonia from Swedes at end of Great Northern War
1721 Peter the Great made Emperor of Russia
1723 Death of Sir Christopher Wren (architect)
1725 Death of Peter the Great of Russia
1727 Death of Sir Isaac Newton (scientist)
1729 Voltaire starts to preach ideas of political freedom
1732 Georgia, last of original American colonies, settled by British
1733 Jethro Tull advances new agricultural practices
1734 Death of Rob Roy (Scottish hero)
1737 Death of Antonio Stadivari (violin-maker)
1738 Lorraine ceded to France
1739 Persian army sacks Delhi and all but ends Mughal power
1740 Maria Teresa succedes to Austrian throne
1740 Frederick II (The Great) succedes to Prussian throne
1741 Death of Antonio Vivaldi (composer)
1744 Death of Alexander Pope (poet)
1746 Jacobite Rebellion crushed at Culloden
1750 Death of Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
1751 Chinese conquer Tibet
1755 Samuel Johnson publishes his "Dictionary"
1756 Atrocities of the Black Hole of Calcutta
1756 Seven Years' War - Prussia proves itself a major power
1757 Robert Clive ("Clive of India") conquers Bengal for British
1759 Halley's Comet - Sir Edmund Halley proves periodic return of comets
1759 Death of George Friderich Handel (composer)
1759 General James Wolfe takes French Quebec for Britain
1762 Catherine II (the Great) becomes ruler of Russia
1763 British Empire at its height after Treaty of Paris
1763 Josiah Wedgewood patents Wedgewood pottery
1763 Austria defeated in Seven year' War and loses Silesia
1763 Treaty of Paris confirms British dominance in Canada
1764 Death of William Hogarth (caricaturist)
1765 Mughals recognize British control over Bengal and Bihar
1769 Watt's steam engine and Arkright's spinning mill invented
1770 Captain James Cook claims New Zealand and Eastern Australia for Britain
1770 Death of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (artist)
1772 Poland split between Russia and Prussia
1773 Short-lived revolt in Russia led by cossack Pugachov
1773 Boston Tea Party signals start of American Revolution
1774 Goethe's "Werther" heralds Romantic Era
1774 Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette succede to French throne
1774 Warren Hastings appointed Governor General of India
1776 America declares independence from Britain
1776 Adam Smith publishes "Weath of Nations" (economic treatise)
1778 Deaths of Voltaire and Rousseau (Enlightenment philosophers)
1778 Swede Linnaeus publishes treatise on biological labelling
1779 Death of David Garrick (actor and theatrical manager)
1779 First cast iron bridge built at Coalbrookdale, England
1780 Joseph II assumes sole power over Austrian empire
1781 British finally surrender to Americans at Yorktown
1781 Immanuel Kant publishes "Critique of Pure Reason"
1783 Pitt the Younger becomes Prime Minister
1783 Montgolfier brother becomes first men to fly (in hot-air balloon)
1787 American Constitution drafted
1788 Food riots in France after poor harvest
1788 First British convicts deported to settle Australia
1789 George Washington becomes first American President
1789 Storming of the Bastille - start of French Revolution
1791 Death of John Wesley (founder of Methodist Church)
1791 Death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
1792 French Republic declared
1793 Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette beheaded
1793 Jean-Paul Marat beheaded after "Reign of Terror"
1794 Georges Danton and Maximilien Robespierre beheaded
1795 Remainder of Poland divided between Prussia, Russia and Austria
1796 Death of Robbie Burns (Scottish poet)
1796 Napoleon Bonaparte begins conquests in Italy
1797 Napoleon compels Austria to make peace
1798 Edward Jenner discovers vaccination for smallpox
1798 Death of Giovanni Giacomo Casanova (adventurer and fabled lover)
1799 Napoleon leads coup d'etat in France and sets up Consulate
1800 Parliamentary union of Britain and Ireland
1800 Haiti becomes first independent state in Latin America

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