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-970 Solomon becomes King of Israel
-940 Death of King Solomon - kingdom split into two
-900 Chavin culture predominates in northern Peru
-800 Phoenicians establish colony at Carthage, North Africa
-776 First Olympic Games held in Greece
-750 Foundation of city of Rome
-725 Nubians from present-day Sudan conquer Egypt
-720 Assyrians invade Palestine
-700 Death of Homer (writer)
-700 Assyrians invade Egypt
-700 Lydians introduce metal coinage
-660 Japanese Empire established by Jimmu
-620 Ninevah sacked by Medes - end of Assyrian empire
-600 Hanging Gardens of Babylon built by Nebuchadnezar
-580 Nebuchadnezzar takes Hebrews into captivity in Babylon
-540 Medes and Persians under Cyrus control most of Asia Minor
-540 Death of Croesus, fabulously rich king of Lydia
-540 Magadha kingdom in Northern India becomes dominant power
-530 Jews freed after Cyrus the Persian conquers Babylon
-530 Death of Lao-Tsu, founder of Taoism
-528 Enlightenment of Gautama Buddha
-525 Persians expand into Egypt, Asia Minor and towards India
-510 Democratic constitution established in Athens
-510 Republic of Rome declared
-4900 Death of Pythagoras (mathematician and philosopher)
-500 Persians invade Egypt
-500 Wars between rival Chinese kingdoms
-500 Confucius preaching in China
-500 Iron Age Nok culture thriving in Nigeria
-490 Greeks defeat Persians under Darius and Xerxes
-490 Romans free themselves from Etruscan domination
-486 Xerxes becomes king of Persia
-480 Ch'in Dynasty - standardized language and administration
-480 Death of Gautama Buddha and spread of his teachings
-460 Golden Age of Greece under Pericles
-450 Death of Aeschylus (dramatist)
-450 Great statue of Zeus built at Olympia
-450 End of Pharoahs' rule in Egypt - 30th Dynasty
-430 Death of Hippocrates (physician)
-430 Peleponnesian Wars between Athens and Sparta
-406 Death of Sophocles and Euripides (dramatists)
-400 Death of Democritus (philosopher)
-400 Egypt independent of foreign domination
-400 Mayan civilizations develop in Central America
-399 Death of Socrates (philosopher)
-385 Death of Aristophanes (comic dramatist)
-348 Death of Plato (philosopher)
-340 Greece reunited under Philip II - second flowering of arts
-330 Alexander the Great defeats Persians - expands towards India
-320 Alexander the Great dies and Greek empire is split
-320 Death of Aristotle (philosopher)
-300 Euclid develops geometry
-280 Romans control most of Italy
-270 Pharos (Lighthouse) of Alexandria built
-260 Start of Punic Wars against Carthage
-250 Parthians control much of Eastern Greek empire
-240 King Asoka extends his empire to cover most of India
-220 Shih Huang Ti first emperor of united China
-210 Great Wall of China built to keep out Mongolians
-210 Death of Archimedes (mathematician and scientist)
-200 Han Dynasty - Mandarin bureaucracy and invention of paper
-200 Scipio defeats Hannibal and the Carthaginians
-200 Axum Kingdom established in Ethiopia
-165 Jewish kingdom revived under Hasmoneans and Maccabees
-140 Emperor Wu Ti expands Chinese Empire
-140 Romans finally destroy Carthage
-87 Babylonian tablet records passage of Halley's Comet
-71 Death of Spartacus (Thracian rebel and insurrectionist)
-63 Romans under Pompey conquer Palestine
-55 Julius Caesar takes Britain after annexing Gaul for Rome
-54 Death of Catullus (poet)
-51 Cleopatra becomes Queen of Egypt
-48 Julius Caesar becomes Roman leader after defeating Pompey
-44 Julius Caesar assassinated and Augustus takes over as leader
-43 Death of Cicero (orator and dramatist)
-31 Augustus defeats his rival Marcus Antonio and Cleopatra
-30 Cleopatra commits suicide - Egypt ruled by Romans for 7 centuries
-27 Augustus becomes first Roman emperor
-19 Death of Virgil (poet)
-8 Death of Horace (poet)
-4 Birth of Jesus Christ
18 Death of Ovid (poet)
33 Death of Jesus Christ
50 Aksum line of Ethiopian kings start rule
60 Boadicaea and Iceni tribe's revolt against Rome fails
65 Death of Seneca the Younger (philosopher and dramatist)
67 Death of St Paul
68 Death of Emperor Nero
70 Jerusalem destroyed by Romans after rebellion
79 Destruction of Pompei by Vesuvius volcano
100 Bantu people of West Africa start to spread south and east
113 Death of Pliny the Younger (writer)
117 Roman Empire at greatest extent under Hadrian
120 Death of Plutarch (biographer and writer)
122 Hadrian's Wall built in Britain
135 Emperor Hadrian completes destruction of Palestine
140 Death of Juvenal (poet and Stoic)
150 High Mayan society in Guatemala and Mexico
150 Roman-Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy describes motions of stars and planets
180 Death of Marcus Aurelius and beginning of the decline of the Roman Empire
200 Death of Claudius Galen (physician)
200 Silk, porcelain and tea exported to west on Silk Road
214 Goths from Baltic infiltrate as far south as Black Sea
220 End of Han Dynasty - China divided for 3 centuries
250 Classic period of Mayan civilization
267 Goths overrun Greece, capture Athens and sack other cities
300 Ambrosian Chants one of earliest forms of Western music
315 Under Diocletian, Roman Empire split into East (Byzantine) and West
320 Gupta dynasty reunites India and arts flourish
330 Emperor Constantine builds Constantinople (Byzantium)
367 Picts, Scots and Saxons invade Britain
372 Huns from Asia penetrate into Europe
400 Japanese states united by Yamato clan
400 Shinto cult in Japan
400 Ghana controls important African gold trade
410 Rome sacked by Alaric the Visigoth
415 Visigoths invade Spain
429 Vandals invade North Africa and Spain
430 Death of St. Augustine (philosopher and theologian)
446 Romans pull out of Britain
452 Attila the Hun invades Gaul and Italy - repelled by Romans
476 Romulus Augustulus, last Western Roman Emperor, deposed
481 Francs under Clovis found Merovingian Kingdom in Gaul
489 Ostrogoths, under Byzantine rule, govern Italy
492 St Patrick completes Christian conversion of Ireland
500 King Arthur and Knights of Round Table (legendary)
520 Zen form of Buddhism introduced to China from India
527 Accession of Emperor Justinian - Code of Civil Law
529 Monte Cassino, main monastery of Benedictine order, established
537 Hagia Sophia cathedral built in Constantinople
550 White Huns from the north west destroy Indian empire
552 Byzantines complete conquest of Italy and Spain
581 Sui Dynasty - China reunited
586 German Lombards divide Italy with Byzantine and Papacy
597 Pope Gregory the Great sends St Augustine to convert Britons
600 China's Grand Canal (longest canal system in world) rebuilt
600 Khmer Empire established in Indo-China
600 Jewish Talmud written
618 T'ang Dynasty in China - arts and literature thrive
622 Hejira - Mohammed's flight from Mecca to Medina
624 Jihad - Mohammed and his followers subdue Mecca
627 Byzantines under Heraclius defeat Persians
638 Jeruslam captured by Muslims
650 Zapotec civilization of southern Mexico at its zenith
663 Roman Christianity accepted in Britain
669 Muslims halted by Byzantines at Constantinople
680 Bulgar Empire established in Balkans
683 Empress Wu becomes first and only Chinese woman ruler
700 Widespread pre-Inca culture develops around Lake Titicaca, Peru
710 Japanese capital established at Nara
711 Moors (Muslims) invade Spain
732 Charles Martel halts Muslim advance into France
735 Death of Venerable Bede (scholar and historian)
751 Pepin founds Carolingian line in France
762 Baghdad becomes centre of Arab/Muslim golden age of arts
771 Charlemagne becomes king of Francs - expands into Germany and Italy
793 Vikings invade Britain
794 Kyoto becomes capital of Japan during Heian period
795 Death of King Offa - end of Mercian domination of England
800 Charlemagne crowned Emperor
809 Death of Harun-ar-Rashid, Caliph of Baghdad
814 Death of Charlemagne and division of Frankish Empire
825 Wessex under Egbert becomes dominant in England
840 Muslims occupy much of Southern Italy
843 Kenneth McAlpin becomes first king of Scots and Picts
843 Treaty of Verdun - seperate France and Germany established
850 Slavs inhabit most of Eastern Central Europe
862 Viking state founded in Russia by Rurik - Slavs united
866 Much of England occupied by Viking Great Army
868 First book printed in China
871 Alfred the Great defeats Danish invaders in Britain
876 Charles the Fat inherits Frankish Empire
893 Bulgar Empire in Balkans expands under Simeon
896 Magyars rule area around Hungary
899 Edward the Elder succeeds Alfred the Great
900 Mayan Empire mysteriously collapses
907 "Five Dynasties" and partition of China
910 Abbey of Cluny founded - monastic reforms begin
929 Death of Wenceslas, King of Bohemia
930 Althing, oldest functioning parliament in world, established in Iceland
936 Otto I expands German Empire to Poland and Austria
937 West Saxons under Athelstan now masters of England
945 Persian Muslims capture Baghdad
960 Northern Sung Dynasty in China - paper money introduced
962 Otto I crowned Emperor of Holy Roman (German) Empire
987 Hugh Capet made King of France
990 Rollo the Viking rules Normandy (as a fiefdom of France)
995 Olaf I brings Christianity to Norwegian Vikings
1000 Viking Leif Erikson "discovers" North America
1000 Zimbabwe culture influencial in East Africa
1000 Stephen I becomes King of Hungary

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