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1485 Tudor Henry VII made King of England after Battle of Bosworth Field
1497 John Cabot lands in Canada - later claimed for England
1499 Perkin Warbeck hanged by Henry VII for claiming throne
1509 Henry VIII succedes to English throne
1513 James IV of Scotland killed by English forces at Flodden
1516 Sir Thomas More writes "Utopia"
1529 Cardinal Wolsey dismissed by Henry VIII
1533 Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn without papal approval
1535 Dissolution of English monasteries ordered by Henry VIII
1535 Death of Sir Thomas More (scholar and statesman)
1547 Henry VIII dies and his son Edward VI comes to English throne
1548 Mary Queen of Scots flees to France
1549 "Book of Common Prayer" issued
1553 Lady Jane Grey briefly made Queen by Earl of Northumberland
1553 Mary succedes to English throne and restores Catholicism
1553 Systematic perscution of Protestants by "Bloody Mary"
1558 Elizabeth I accedes after Mary's death
1561 Mary Queen of Scots returns to Scotland
1562 Sir John Hawkins starts British slave trade in West Indies
1568 Beginning of English-Spanish maritime feud - Hawkins & Drake
1572 Death of John Knox (Scottish religious reformer)
1577 Sir Francis Drake begins voyage around world
1587 Mary Queen of Scots executed for treason
1588 Sir Francis Drake defeats Spanish Armada
1600 East India Company founded
1603 Elizabeth I dies - end of Tudor rule in England

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