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1603 Scottish James VI made English James I - first Stuart king
1605 Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot against James' anti-Catholic laws
1607 First permanent British settlement in Virginia, North America
1611 "Authorized Version" of Bible printed in Britain
1616 Death of William Shakespeare (dramatist and poet)
1618 Sir Walter Raleigh executed
1620 Puritan Pilgrim Fathers establish a colony in North America
1625 Charles I succedes James I as King of England
1626 Death of Francis Bacon (philosopher and statesman)
1628 Petition of Rights establishes Parliament's rights over King's
1629 Charles I dismisses Parliament and rules alone
1637 Death of Ben Johnson (dramatist)
1640 Long Parliament ends Charles I's personal rule
1640 English Civil War starts - Royalist Cavaliers against Puritan Roundheads
1649 Cromwell has Charles I executed and sets up Commonwealth
1651 Charles II escapes Cromwell to France
1651 Thomas Hobbes publishes "Leviathon" (philosophical treatise)
1652 Strengthened British navy defeats Dutch in First Dutch War
1653 Cromwell made Lord Protector of England - subdues Ireland
1660 Royal Society (scientific organization) founded in London
1660 Restoration - Long Parliament dissolved and Charles II restores monarchy
1665 Great Plague
1666 Great Fire of London
1674 Death of John Milton (poet)
1679 Death of Thomas Hobbes (social philosopher)
1681 Charles II tries to rule without Parliament
1685 James II succedes to English throne after Charles' death
1685 Judge Jeffries' "Bloody Assize" after Monmouth's failed coup
1687 Sir Isaac Newton publishes his "Principia"
1687 Lloyds of London insurance company established
1688 Dutch William of Orange (III) invited to take English throne (with Mary)
1688 Death of Sir Henry Morgan (buccaneer and pirate)
1690 William III defeats James and Louis XIV at Boyne, Ireland
1691 Death of George Fox (founder of Quaker sect)
1692 Massacre of Glencoe - English "lesson" to Scottish highlanders
1694 Bank of England founded
1695 Death of Henry Purcell (composer)
1701 England joins Grand Alliance against Louis XIV
1702 Anne comes to English throne
1703 Death of Samuel Pepys (diarist)
1704 English under Duke of Marlborough defeat French at Blenheim
1704 Death of John Locke (philosopher)
1707 England and Scotland become United Kingdom of Great Britain
1713 Treaty of Utrecht - England gain favourable peace with France
1714 Queen Anne, last of the Stuarts, dies

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