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-1000 Early Roman tribes settle around Rome
-750 Foundation of city of Rome
-510 Republic of Rome declared
-490 Romans free themselves from Etruscan domination
-280 Romans control most of Italy
-260 Start of Punic Wars against Carthage
-200 Scipio defeats Hannibal and the Carthaginians
-140 Romans finally destroy Carthage
-71 Death of Spartacus (Thracian rebel and insurrectionist)
-63 Romans under Pompey conquer Palestine
-55 Julius Caesar takes Britain after annexing Gaul for Rome
-54 Death of Catullus (poet)
-48 Julius Caesar becomes Roman leader after defeating Pompey
-44 Julius Caesar assassinated and Augustus takes over as leader
-43 Death of Cicero (orator and dramatist)
-31 Augustus defeats his rival Marcus Antonio and Cleopatra
-27 Augustus becomes first Roman emperor
-19 Death of Virgil (poet)
-8 Death of Horace (poet)
18 Death of Ovid (poet)
60 Boadicaea and Iceni tribe's revolt against Rome fails
65 Death of Seneca the Younger (philosopher and dramatist)
68 Death of Emperor Nero
70 Jerusalem destroyed by Romans
79 Destruction of Pompei by Vesuvius volcano
113 Death of Pliny the Younger (writer)
117 Roman Empire at greatest extent under Hadrian
122 Hadrian's Wall built in Britain
135 Emperor Hadrian completes destruction of Palestine
140 Death of Juvenal (poet and Stoic)
150 Roman-Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy describes motions of stars and planets
180 Death of Marcus Aurelius and beginning of the decline of the Roman Empire
300 Ambrosian Chants one of earliest forms of Western music
315 Under Diocletian, Roman Empire split into East (Byzantine) and West
410 Rome sacked by Alaric the Visigoth
430 Death of St. Augustine (philosopher and theologian)
446 Romans pull out of Britain
476 Romulus Augustulus, last Western Roman Emperor, deposed

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