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-7000 Founding of Jericho - world's earliest known city
-4000 Early Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia
-3500 Sumerian cuneiform (picture-writing) developed
-3500 Sumerians invent wheel
-2500 Early Hebrew civilization in Israel area
-2100 Babylon established by the Chaldeans
-2000 Abraham migrates from Ur to Canaan
-2000 Hittite empire established in Asia Minor
-2000 Gilgamesh Epic (heroic poem) written in cuneiform
-2000 Phoenicians trading in Eastern Mediterranean
-1800 Babylonian king Hammurabi codifies laws
-1600 Phoenicians develop phonetic alphabet
-1400 Hebrews invade Canaan (Joshua)
-1300 Hebrew Exodus from Egypt under Moses
-1250 Israelites invade Palestine
-1200 Hittites overthrown by Assyrians
-1020 Saul becomes King of Israel
-1000 David becomes King of Israel - Philistines defeated
-970 Solomon becomes King of Israel
-940 Death of King Solomon - kingdom split into two
-800 Phoenicians establish colony at Carthage, North Africa
-720 Assyrians invade Palestine
-620 Ninevah sacked by Medes - end of Assyrian empire
-600 Hanging Gardens of Babylon built by Nebuchadnezar
-580 Nebuchadnezar takes Hebrews into captivity in Babylon
-540 Medes and Persians under Cyrus control most of Asia Minor
-530 Jews freed after Cyrus the Persian conquers Babylon
-525 Persians expand into Egypt, Asia Minor and towards India
-486 Xerxes becomes King of Persia
-165 Jewish kingdom revived under Hasmoneans and Maccabees
-87 Babylonian tablet records passage of Halley's Comet
-63 Romans under Pompey conquer Palestine
-4 Birth of Jesus Christ
33 Death of Jesus Christ
67 Death of St Paul
70 Jerusalem destroyed by Romans after rebellion
135 Emperor Hadrian completes destruction of Palestine
600 Jewish Talmud written

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