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-4400 Minoan (or Aegean) culture established in Crete
-2700 First settlement at Troy
-1600 Greek tribes settle in Greece and Asia Minor
-1400 Knossos sacked - end of Minoan civilization
-1200 Siege of Troy, and adventures of Iliad and Odyssey
-1200 Mycaenean civilization starts to decline
-776 First Olympic Games held in Greece
-700 Death of Homer (writer)
-700 Lydians introduce metal coinage
-540 Death of Croesus, fabulously rich king of Lydia
-510 Democratic constitution established in Athens
-490 Death of Pythagoras (mathematician and philosopher)
-490 Greeks defeat Persians under Darius and Xerxes
-460 Golden Age of Greece under Pericles
-450 Death of Aeschylus (dramatist)
-450 Great statue of Zeus built at Olympia
-430 Death of Hippocrates (physician)
-430 Peleponnesian Wars between Athens and Sparta
-406 Death of Sophocles and Euripides (dramatists)
-400 Death of Democritus (philosopher)
-399 Death of Socrates (philosopher)
-385 Death of Aristophanes (comic dramatist)
-348 Death of Plato (philosopher)
-340 Greece reunited under Philip II - second flowering of arts
-330 Alexander the Great defeats Persians - expands towards India
-320 Alexander the Great dies and Greek empire is split
-320 Death of Aristotle (philosopher)
-300 Euclid develops geometry
-250 Parthians control much of Eastern Greek empire
-210 Death of Archimedes (mathematician and scientist)
120 Death of Plutarch (biographer and writer)
200 Death of Claudius Galen (physician)
267 Goths overrun Greece, capture Athens and sack other cities

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