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-5000 Earliest Egyptian settlements
-3400 Hieratic writing developed by Egyptians
-3100 First Egyptian dynasty under Pharoah Menes - Memphis built
-2800 Papyrus used as writing material by Egyptians
-2600 Old Kingdom of Egypt - first pyramid built at Saccara
-2500 Pyramid of Giza built
-2040 Middle Kingdom of Egypt - reunification under Theban kings
-1500 New Kingdom of Egypt - civilization peaks
-1500 First alphabet developed in Egypt
-1327 Death of Tutankhamun
-725 Nubians from present-day Sudan conquer Egypt
-700 Assyrians invade Egypt
-500 Persians invade Egypt
-450 End of Pharoahs' rule in Egypt - 30th Dynasty
-400 Egypt independent of foreign domination
-270 Pharos (Lighthouse) of Alexandria built
-51 Cleopatra becomes Queen of Egypt
-30 Cleopatra commits suicide - Egypt ruled by Romans for 7 centuries

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